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I miss these moments. I miss him. <3

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When I’m pissed off and he tries to calm me down


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And here we go again…

Visit ended and now all we have is distance between us again.

I won’t say a lot as I’m just sad because he left but all I can say is that it was the best month of my life, it felt like it was just a big dream :( I just wish I could relive every moment again.. I miss him like MAD and I would so do everything to be with him now :(

He wants me to finally visit him in August/September so now our focus will be on that. My passport’s on the way and the interview is already next month. I can’t wait! 

Right now he’s about to hop on his last flight and I’ll be seeing him again on Skype in a few hours and I’m so excited! Distance sucks really bad but we’ll make it work! 


Babe I need you here now :/

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they keep asking but the anwser quite simple actually

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